Delivery + Pricing

Did you know major grocery delivery platforms charge you an additional 10-30% mark up on each item?

So much for ‘free delivery’ huh?

Save even more by switching to Perfect Pear with payment through Zelle or Venmo. No hidden charges, just upfront delivery + gratuity fees.

We want you to give us a try and see how much more you can get from your delivery service! 10% off delivery fees with your first order.

How to order + payment options.


Already using a delivery service?

We can set you up with your own login so there is nothing new to learn!

Email or share a note with iPhone. Email or text us lists, even send a photo of a handwritten list! If you are iPhone user friendly, follow along with our shopping trip via Notes.

Secure payment. (and discounts?!)

We invoice our clients using Quickbooks with the option of paying directly through the service using credit card or their banking option. It just takes the click of the button in your email, no downloading any apps!

While we invoice every client, if you choose to fulfill payment via Venmo or Zelle, we offer 5% off delivery fees to save you a few for helping us save a few $!

Delivery + service fees
ShopsDelivery Fee***
Sam’s Club
Wassi’s Meats
Fresh Market
+ Any of your favorite local markets
10% of total
Seafood AtlanticAvailable Thursdays only to offer lower pricing; 15% of total
Simply Bread for You10% of total, must be added on to an order
***Gratuity of 20% of total + delivery fee will be added upon invoice. Please note any adjustments to gratuity as you feel fit. Thank you!

Please please please, give us a call or send a message so we can help make more sense of this all! 321.263.6907