Perfect Pear Grocery Delivery

Our goal is simple – to provide reliable, professional and customizable delivery service to your door when you need it.

We are pretty much limitless when it comes to getting you the groceries you need from your favorite markets. Don’t be shy, we know you need items from multiple stores (as well as delivered at the same time) – and that’s what we’re here for.


We shop more than just Publix or Aldi, we would love to provide you with the greatest deals from Costco (yes, in Orlando until we are blessed with the new location in Brevard!) and Sam’s Club; Wassi’s Meats, Seafood Atlantic (every Thursday!), The Produce Place, and can even deliver fresh sourdough with your order from Simply Bread for You (drool).

Basically, what we are saying is we’ve got you covered!

We don’t want to brag but…

We have a little experience under our belt and we NEED to brag just a little bit in order to sway you in our direction. With a combined culinary experience of over 30 years, your produce, meats and whatever other delicacies you will be ordering, will all be hand selected by a chef. (Feel free to ask us for any cooking tips or insight!)

We have been professional shoppers for over 3 years now and Perfect Pear just turned one!

Check out some more info on us down below and on “The Perfect Pair” tab at the top!

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